Oferim solutii complete pentru evenimentele virtuale si hybrid
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Transformamevenimentele business in experiente unice

Business events

We do things differently. Simple, remarkable and efficient!
Oferim solutii complete si personalizate pentru
evenimente business, de la concept, la organizare, pana
la coordonarea si managementul intregului proiect.


Whether we are talking about a product, company or community, at every event we help our customers to feel relaxed and delighted, offering them trust and superior services!

We combine our expertise in personalized events with innovative design to create the best moments when people can connect with brands as they connect with each other.

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The trust of our customers makes us responsible and is an integral part of the solutions we design and offer, depending on the specifics and personality of each brand or company. Thus, at each event we offer added value as best as possible. It is a simple approach, but one that requires patience, empathy and respect. And the satisfaction of successful events and the happiness of our customers are extraordinary things!

About us

Our story has its beginnings in 2010, in response to the need for a service that connects all the components necessary for organizing special professional events, offering clients practical and creative solutions for each project together. That's how we developed into what we are today, Avant Business Events Solutions, full service agency for business events!