Motivation is one of the strongest forces in our lives.

Motivate your employees and increase customer loyalty by appreciating and rewarding their performance!

Our promise

Incentives, in the simplest explanation, means to give thanks, to offer recognition and appreciation.
We prepare a variety of loyalty and reward programs that encourage the performance of employees, sales teams and customers, and increase loyalty to the product, brand or company.

Sales incentive program

We prepare sales incentives programs, through which customers and employees can enjoy points of gain that you can give them in the form of gift cards or products from different brands.


We come up with proposals, prepare and implement the chosen program and offer full support during its development.

Rewards and recognition programs

We support companies interested in building a "culture of recognition" by developing a set of strategies and tactics that include different ways of appreciation.
• Rewards awarded in a festive setting - diplomas, trophies, galas for outstanding results
• Personalized prizes - season tickets, concert tickets, gadgets, etc.
• Gift vouchers - wellness & spa, salons, technical products, electronics, etc.

Incentive Travel – Travel Experience

The unique travel experience is one of the most beautiful ways to show your customers and employees your appreciation and desire for long-term collaboration.


We create programs that include personalized travel and experiences, in Romania and anywhere in the world
• Thematic tours - culinary art, history, culture, architecture
• Sports events - Formula 1, Tennis, Football or Rally in Monte Carlo
• Relaxation - Wellness & SPA or a sunrise in the Danube Delta
• Mountain experiences - Off road, rafting, cannoning, kayak canoeing or unique routes in Bucegi
• Thrilling trips - Norwegian fjords, North Pole or sea yachting

Acum si programe Incentives virtuale si hibrid

Complementary services

Event objectives and concept

Analysis of the company's objectives and structuring the concept to design the program with proposals appropriate to the needs;

Program preparation and logistics

Preparing prizes and personalized gifts, sending invitations and making special reservations, hotels, plane tickets, transfers;

Program coordination

Marketing of the incentive programs, coordinating programs from start to finish;

Analysis and feedback

Full service

We integrate all the necessary services for each event, from concept to implementation until the final feedback.

Smart solutions

We recommend practical and customized solutions, adapted to our client’s values and objectives.


We maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of the project with a correct pricing policy for all parties involved.


We provide quick and reliable advice and support throughout the events.